why is the capital of the United States D.C? Why not marvel? superman sucks 

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Danielle Brooks & Samira Wiley on Celebrity Girl Crushes

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I’ll stop reblogging this when it stops being funny

so never

me too Bilbo 


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The biggest overreaction recorded in history.

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Chameleon Moon is now available as an ebook through Amazon.

It’s finally happened, babies.

I can’t believe it. I’m so happy and excited and scared and this just seems surreal. I’m a published author, and it’s my weird book about queer and trans superheroes in a burning city and this is real, this is really happening, this is the real life, this is not fantasy. (Well, my book sort of is.) 

I think it’s especially fitting and amazing that my book comes out (ha) on National Coming Out Day. The entire cast is queer, some are trans, some are ace, and a lot have disabilities and mental or emotional disorders. I think it’s important representation… I just think it’s important. 

So. Amazing, lovely people of tumblr. I am asking you to read this book, and spread the word. I don’t ask tumblr for much, I try very hard not to, and when I do it’s important. This is important. Please, give this a try. If you can’t buy it, please signal boost it. I will be so, so grateful, and if you post about it or review it I will try to personally thank every single person who does.

I tried to write a book that would have helped me when I was young and scared and just figuring all of this gender and sexuality and brain stuff out. I needed something like this, something to hang onto like a life preserver that showed me I wasn’t alone and was capable of amazing things. (Parole itself, the burning city? It’s a literal representation of how chronic pain and an anxiety disorder feels. Stuff like that.)

Thank you so much for the attention and love this has already gotten. I want it to spread and help people and just. Do good. Help me do some good. Please. <3 

But above all thank you. THANK YOU so much. I am so grateful and would have never, ever gotten to this point without the love and encouragement I got here. Thank you.

We’re all superheroes. All of you living and growing and dealing with a world that does not love or appreciate you, most of all. Keep shining.

 - RoAnna Sylver

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contemporary art 

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